Fall 2014 soccer registration is now CLOSED

Early registration strongly encouraged.

To register on-line: http://www.sportsmanager.us/PublicLinks/OnlineRegistration.asp?Org=319

or click on the big orange button on the right.

Important dates for Fall 2014:

Season starts: TBD (Sept 6)
Registration Opens: May 1
Registration Closes: July 5
Teams announced to coaches and parents: After Aug 27th Coaches Meeting
Coaches meeting: August 27
6:30 – 8:00 In Town Coaches Meeting
8:00 – 9:30 Travel Coaches Meeting
In the large hall of the armory)

For further info please visit our Seasonal Information Page at


Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 4th (7:30 pm) at The Armory.

Please come to the Annual General Meeting Wednesday, June 4th (7:30 pm) at The Armory.
Below you will find a list of the nominees who have volunteered for positions on the Board of Directors and Age Coordinators. Come to vote for them, in a show of your support.
Delicious local refreshments will be served. The meeting is great way to learn more about how this INDEPENDENT organization operates. You will learn what the status of SYSL is twenty years after its formation. We want to also share with you the needs of the league, and how you can help by engaging with your elected officials.

Board Title Name
President Lucas Friedlaender
Vice President Pavlos Protopapas
Registrar Jay Rudolph
Secretary VACANT
Treasurer Frank Farley (assistance from Rob Odilon)
Webmaster Joe McMahon
Communications Director Jeff McMahon
Player & Coach Development Director Paul Clarke
Field Coordinator John Mac
Uniform & Equipment Manager Dave Turin (wants help)
Girls Travel Director Andrew Platt
Boys Travel Director Mike Rooney (uncertain)
U8 Program Director Brandee Hall
U6 Program Director Karen Gardner (assistance from Kelle Shugrue.)
Toddler Program Director (proposed) Eliza Johnston
Referee Coordinator Ben Gunther
M.Y.S.L. Representative VACANT
CORI Coordinator Jason Evans
Toddler Coordinator Eliza Johnston
U5 / U6 Coordinator Karen Gardner
U7 / U8 Coordinator Brandee Hall
Girls U10 Coordinator Andrew Platt
Boys U10 Coordinator Scott Kathan
Girls U12 Coordinator Jeff McMahon (INTERIM)
Boys U12 Coordinator T.B.D.
Boys and Girls U14 Coordinators Paul Clarke & Pavlos Protopapas
U16 Coordinator T.B.D.
U18 Coordinator T.B.D.

U7 and U8 Game Field changes

U7 and U8 Game Field changes
Nunziato = Boys U8
Argenziano = Boys U7, Girls U7/8.These changes are for GAMES ONLY.
New Revised Game Schedule: U7-U8 Revised GAME SCHEDULE Spring 2014

Practice and game schedules

Here you will find all Games & Practice times for all teams


How to order a Uniform After Registration

1) Normally, uniforms are ordered during the registration period. You can order, and pay for, a new uniform from this website.

2) NOTE: Players must order a full new uniform when they graduate from the IN-TOWN PROGRAM to the TRAVEL PROGRAM.
(the travel uniform has a number and is completely different than the In-Town uniform)

3) The Uniform Size chart can be found at:


4) The Uniform Order Form can be found at:


Help Keep Somerville’s Fields Nice and Tidy

Please make sure that you and your children have picked up any trash, water bottles, wrappers, etc. prior to leaving the fields.

Coaches – please check your team area for trash before leaving the field.

The league has requested additional barrels and recycling bins at all the sites and hope that they will be in place this weekend. Please help us in keeping the league a vital and welcomed part of Somerville.

Spring 2014 Photo Day

Online Photo Registration now available!

Do to the rain photo day is now 5/31
Photo day is 5/10 with rain date of 5/31.

Order forms will be available at Photo Day, but now you can skip that manual process and order directly on our secure site.

Please click the Sportography graphic to be taken to their secure Online Photo Registration system.

Inside you’ll find detailed instructions for how to use this simple and easy to navigate application.

Questions? Visit http://www.sportography.com/