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Hi SYSL families,
Thanks to all of you for a good start to the Spring soccer season in Somerville. We had a few glitches which we hope to have straightened out by this weekend, but overall everything went pretty smoothly.
We want to remind everyone about the rules we absolutely have to abide by with regard to our continued use of Capuano Field. First of all, there is to be no food or drink inside the fence. Only water bottles may be brought onto the field; no Gatorade, vitamin water, etc. are allowed. This is a commonsense agreement we have with the city to be able to use the field. Please respect this rule.
For U7 and U8 Saturday-morning games we allow parents and fans to be inside the fence, standing or sitting on the turf on the side opposite of the coaches and players. The coaches and players will occupy the central zone between the two fields, and the parents and fans must remain on the outer side, either next to the basketball courts or next to the playground. Please do not stand behind the end lines or near the goals. Also stand at least 6 feet from the touch line so as not to interfere with the play of the game. As always we ask that you encourage the players as much as you like. Berating your son or daughter or anyone else, including players or referees, will not be tolerated. Moreover, only the coaches are to be giving technical instructions to the players.
Another rule that we must respect is the exclusion of chairs on the turf field. If you need to bring a chair, please use this outside of the fence.
For U10 games in the afternoon all of the rules above with regard to the exclusion of food and drink and the type and tone of the cheering will be enforced. Because the whole field is used for U10, only players and coaches will be allowed inside the fence. Parents and other fans must stand or sit outside the fence. Our coaches will ask the visiting coaches to tell their families about this rule.
Please understand that these rules are meant to maximize the enjoyment of the games by everyone as well as to preserve the field, access to which we are thankful to have.
With regard to continued communication with the families, this list will soon be terminated. To continue to receive updates about game cancellations and other useful information, please create an account at our new website by entering your email address under “email subscription”. You’ll receive an immediate email acknowledgement to which you will be prompted to reply to complete the subscription. Communication via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS is also available.
Thanks again
The Somerville Youth Soccer League Board

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