SYSL is looking for female coaches

The ratio of boys to girls participation in Somerville soccer is 2 to 1. This may not be surprising at first but when I looked into the same ratio in other towns I found that boys2girls-ratio to be approximately one; in some towns there are more girls playing than boys. Why do Somerville girls do not want to play soccer? I have contemplated a lot of explanations such as ‘soccer is a boys’ sport’, ‘girls are into other things such as gymnastics and dance’, ‘it is a class thing’ to ‘it is a cultural thing’. All these reasons can be proven wrong or partially irrelevant when one looks into the details and comparing results to other towns with similar sizes and demographics.

What I found is that the single most important factor strongly correlated to the boys2girls-ratio is the ratio of female coaches to male coaches.

For more details on the analysis go to the following link [gender issue]

If you were thinking of coaching consider this as an extra motivation. Especially we are looking for female coaches at the U6, U7 and U8 level. If you feel you do not know the game, SYSL has, a program where professional coaches will help you, online material, coaches clinics and many of our more experience coaches are ready to help you going. Also consider that for the younger ages (U5 and U6) the most important skill is crowd control. If you are the person in the family that deals with kids most of the time then this is going to be a breeze.

How to sign up ? Send an email to:
U5 and U6:
U7 and U8:
Everything else:

Or while registering, click on the “Would you like to volunteer for a team job ?: “

Pavlos Protopapas
Registrar, SYSL

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