A few basic reminders about field rules from the Recreation Department.

A few basic reminders about field rules from the Recreation Department.

A special highlight- Please remind all parents and visiting teams that dogs are not allowed at parks!

Rules to follow and share with visiting teams.

* Only Players, Coaches and Officials are allowed on the playing field

* Water is the only beverage allowed at turf fields

* No food or gum allowed on turf fields

* Cleats are not allowed on the track surface (Dilboy)

* No one allowed on mulch and flower beds

* No one is allowed to hop fences to gain entrance to the fields

* Reminder public urinating is a fineable and criminal offense

* Teams must keep concourse open and clear for public safety at all times

* Coaches must maintain cleanliness of fields

* If providing goals and equipment for leagues, organization must put them back to original locations after games

* Absolutely no Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages allowed in the parks

* Only Service Dogs are allowed at fields

* Spectators are not allowed on the field

John Mac

Field Director

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