Open Space Open House

Hi All

Sorry about the late notice I have been out of town for a bit. But TONIGHT OPEN SPACE OPEN HOUSE at the ESCS

OPEN SPACE OPEN HOUSE tonight at 6 pm at the EastSomervilleCommunitySchool cafeteria. The gathering will introduce a DRAFT of the State-required Open Space & Recreation Plan for Somerville. In addition to learning about open space data, we hope to have a community conversation about goals, challenges, and successes. Please pass this along to whomever would be interested in attending. Thanks. Take care.

Jill Lathan C.P.R.E., L.C.S.W.

City of Somerville, Director of Recreation and Youth

19 Walnut Street

Somerville, MA02143

Office: (617) 625-6600 ext. 2983

TTY: (866) 808-4851

Fax: (617) 625-1023

Email: jlathan

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