From: Somerv – PLEASE READ: SOCCER FIELD CRISIS: How you can help save Somerville Youth Soccer

Dear SYSL Community,

As many of you are likely aware, Somerville Youth Soccer has reached a crisis point with our ability to provide field space for games and practices for our 1000+ participants, from UToddler level to U18. The SYSL Board is working diligently with the Mayor’s Office and the Recreation Department to provide a patchwork of available fields, both within the city and outside of it, to ensure that adequate field space is made available to accommodate our needs for the Spring 2017 season. You should know that we were considering dropping our U12 program this coming spring because it appeared that we would not have safe, available fields for our players. Through a concentrated effort, it appears that we will be able to satisfy our needs, at least temporarily.

But more work needs to be done. Making temporary arrangements should not be considered a tremendous achievement. Our hard-working core of volunteers has made this a singular goal – to provide the best possible, and most safe, playing areas for our children. A coordinated effort between SYSL and city leaders is key to making this happen. We need all involved – parents, coaches, volunteers – to make their concerns heard. Pleaseclick through and sign this petition, addressed to the Somerville Board of Aldermen expressing your support for Somerville’s Fields Master Plan, which will help provide more safe and durable athletic field space, through a mix of playing surfaces, including natural grass and synthetic turf.

What exactly is creating the field crisis for Somerville Youth Soccer? We have the following ongoing issues:

  • What used to be a U12 field, Lincoln Park is currently under construction and will NOT be available until Spring 2018. Once Lincoln Park reopens, SYSL will have limited hours for use on the field. This is an ongoing issue we are planning for.
  • Another U12 field in the fall, Conway Park is a dedicated baseball field in the spring. It is also in poor condition for soccer and needs urgent repairs.

The City has already gone to some great efforts to help SYSL in the short term. The City is going to accommodate our U12 teams in Spring 2017 at Dilboy Stadium. This improves conditions for U12 but displaces U14. The City administration is looking for alternate fields in adjacent towns and institutions to house the U14 games that can’t be fielded.

Please show your support for the 1000+ children in our community who count on Somerville Youth Soccer — become familiar with the Somerville Athletic Fields Masterplan and sign this petition in support of moving it forward with the City.

We will bring this signed petition of support to the Athletic Fields Master Plan hearing on Tuesday, November 15th. The meeting will be held at 7:30 pm at Somerville City Hall if you are able to also attend and show your support.


Andrew Platt (president, SYSL) and the SYSL Board

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