Game Reschedule

Rescheduling Cancelled Games

When a field is closed and the game is canceled, the home coach, receives an email from Sports Manager with a link to reschedule the game.  The email should look like this one below and should come from

“Rescheduling Cancelled Game: #732440 Fall Soccer-U12 Boys Travel Somerv-BU12-3 vs Reading-BU12-3 on 10/20/2012 10:30 AM 90 Min @ Somerv Argenziano Field

Click here to start the Rescheduling process for this cancelled game

Please follow these steps to reschedule a game:

  1. Communicate with the opponent coach about possible times and dates.
  2. Check with the field coordinator ( about availability of the fields. This information can be found in our calendar, but it is always best to send an email (the field coordinator can check if  we have permits for the fields too).
  3. When you have the dates/times figured out, click on the link in the email and enter the game information. The game date and field will be listed, you have to click on the time to change the game time.  See these instructions for how to proceed.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from Sports Manager once the away coach agrees to the date. Presumably this was already agreed in step 1 and step 2.
  5. Communicate with the field coordinator so the SYSL calendar is updated. The rescheduling is not approved yet but this will ensure we avoid conflicts with other coaches trying to reschedule.
  6. Within a couple of days you should receive a response from MYSL age director that the game is confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation from your MYSL age director, then make sure you contact him/her.
  7. Please forward the confirmation email to the field coordinator and SYSL age coordinator. It is also a good idea to forward the confirmation email to Marc Davidson ( who deals with the referees.
  8. The field coordinator should send an email to all travel coaches with the new game information and the fact that the field will not be available for practice. If you do not see this email, please make sure to inform the field coordinator.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact