U10-U12 Soccer Drills

Dear SYSL Coaches:
We are happy to be able to present you with this curriculum booklet as you
prepare for and represent SYSL this Spring 2013 Soccer Season.
This curriculum booklet is organized in 3 parts or sections:
– U10 and U12 Technical Lesson Plans
– U10 Practice Plans
– U12 Practice Plans
We strongly encourage all coaches to focus one practice each week based on the
U10 and U12 Technical Lesson Plans. Please focus your second weekly practice
using either the U10 or U12 Practice Plans. There are a total of 10 technical and
practice plans – one for each week of the season.
We hope that you find these resources helpful and we wish all of you and your
teams a successful 2013 Spring Season!
Best Regards,
Paul Clarke
SYSL Player and Coach Development Director
and the
SYSL Board of Directors