2018 SYSL Annual Meeting: Wednesday, May 23

Please join us on Wednesday, May 23 at 7:30 PM in the ONCE Lounge (156 Highland Avenue) for the 2018 SYSL Annual Meeting.

Who is invited?
All SYSL members in good standing. If you are the parent/guardian of a current SYSL players or a current SYSL volunteer, you are an SYSL member.

What will we be doing?
Electing the 2018/19 SYSL Board of Directors, discussing issues affecting our league, and holding a number of member votes.

Who is up for election to the Board of Directors?
*President: Jake Wilson
*Vice President: Elizabeth Shea
*Treasurer: Jason Lambert/Rob Odilon
*Clerk: Lucas Friedlaender
*Registrar: Andrew Platt
*Player Development Director: Christopher Love
*Coach Development Director: John Sanders
Equipment Director: Marco Vieira
Uniform Director: David Turin
CORI Director: Jason Evans
Fields Director: David Ahouse
Communications & Social Media Director: Ben Kauffman
Webmaster: Joseph McMahon
Ombudsman: Jonathan Calvert
Boys Travel Program Director: Elizabeth Shea
Girls Travel Program Director: Beth Balter
Grade 1/Grade 2 (U7/U8) Age Director: Natasha Reese-McLaughlin
Grade Pre-K/Grade K (U5/U6) Age Director: Ellenor Barish
Toddler Age Director: Kim Volz
Travel Referee Coordinator: Thomas Heinz
In-Town Referee Coordinator: Rhonda Corey

*Executive Committee

Are there any openings on the Board of Directors?
We curently are looking for volunteers for the following positions:
– MYSL Town Coordinator
– Community Relations Director

What are the issues that will be discussed?
We will give an update on the fields crisis affecting our Travel program and endangering our Grade 5/Grade 6 (U12) program specifically. This will include the latest on a the fields we use and future fields projects — and their potential impact on our league. We also will hold a discussion on how we can advocate most effectively for our kids.

We will quickly run through the recently amended SYSL by-laws, with changes that included:
– updating the board composition to reflect changes in terminology (Grade 1, not U7) and new roles, as well as upping the minimum number of board members from 3 to 10
– allowing for the compensation of volunteers for certain jobs
– spelling out processes for the board suspending or removing a member and for a removed member to appeal for reinstatement
– updating SYSL member rights
– changing the start of new board terms to July 1, instead of taking effect immediately at Annual Meeting
– specifying web colors for the SYSL logo and website
– updating technical language on our official seal (logo)
– updating and fixing obsolete language in general

We will have a member discussion on a number of issues, including MYSL, our In-Town Program, our Travel Program, volunteer/coach recruitment, outreach, sponsorship, and our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Aside from board elections, what will members be voting on?
1. an endorsement by the league of the rapid implementation of the city’s newly updated Fields Master Plan (FMP)
2. new Coach Code of Conduct
3. new Parent Code of Conduct

We hope to see you on Wednesday night!

Jake Wilson
Social Media & Communications Director
Somerville Youth Soccer
Facebook: @SomervilleYouthSoccer
Twitter: @somrvillesoccer
Instagram: @somervillesoccer

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Week 2 with Ellie

Our roving Challenger Sports instructor, Ellie Sharpe, continues to make her rounds at SYSL practices and games. She was back at Triangle Field last weekend, and shared another lesson plan from her work with our In-Town teams.

Link: Week 2: Shielding & Turning

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Introducing Ellie Sharpe

We’re thrilled to have a roving instructor from Challenger Sports joining us this season. Ellie Sharpe hails from Sheffield, England, and she’ll be working with teams from the U5 to U14 levels. She will be a guest coach at practices, and will work with coaches before U5/U6 games on Saturdays at Triangle Field. She also will be observing travel team home games on occasion.

Here is a PDF of her first practice plan: Week 1 – Dribbling and Running with the Ball

And here is a Google Calendar with Ellie’s SYSL schedule.

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Massachusetts Youth Soccer’s District Select Program

SYSL players Grade 3 (U10) and older are invited to try out for Massachusetts Youth Soccer‘s District Select Program (DSP). The program lasts five weeks this summer, and tryouts take place this weekend at Joyce Middle School in Woburn.

Register and view the full schedule for this weekend here.

Here is a 2018 guide to the DSP program.

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SYSL May 2018 Board Meeting

The SYSL Board will hold its May 2018 meeting on Thursday, May 3, at 7:30 PM at Veterans Memorial Skating Rink (570 Somerville Avenue). The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.

Link: SYSL May 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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Local Challenger Camps in July/August

SYSL partner Challenger Sports is conducting camps at Danehy Park in Cambridge for kids ages 3 to 16 the weeks of July 23-27 (British Soccer) and August 20-24 (Tetra Brazil). Challenger is offering SYSL families an early registration bonus this month:

Click here to register

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Yoga for Young Athletes

“You see moves in yoga and sometimes you think, ‘Why am I doing this?’ Some positions look awkward, but if you look at pictures of a footballer taking a shot, their body will be in a really awkward-looking position too, because you’re off balance. When you explode with pace or kick a ball, you need flexibility and strength and the yoga really helps to build that.”

— Ryan Giggs, former Manchester United and Wales star

Taught by former SYSL coach Jaclyn Kryzak, this series of classes for young athletes ages 11 to 14 will meet Mondays and Wednesday in June from 3 to 4 PM at be. in union yoga (440 Somerville Avenue).

The cost is $160 for the series ($20 per class). Space is limited to 40 students, so early registration is encouraged. Register via the YOUNG ATHLETES (11-14) option in the dropdown menu here.

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