Information for parents

Game Cancelations

Away game field closures are handled by the hosting town. The websites for other Middlesex Youth Soccer League towns are listed here

Game locations

  • U7/U8 All Game at Nunziato Field beginning at 8:30
  • U5/U6 games are played at the Tufts’ Triangle Field also beginning at 9:00
  • Home travel games for U10 are at Capuano Field
  • Home U12 games are at Argenziano Field
  • Home U14 games are at Dilboy Stadium
  • Capuano flyer PLEASE READ rules for the field .

League Structure

There are two divisions within the SYSL:

  1. the Intra-city league which includes the Toddler, Under-6 Year-Old and Under 8 Year-Old Divisions
  2. the Inter-City Travel League of Boys and Girls 10 Years and Older.

Toddle Group:

SYSL is introducing a toddler program, starting spring of 2013. Please refer to the toddler group page for more information.

Intra-City League: The under 6-Year-Old (Co-ed)  and Under 8-Year-Old division (saperate boys and girls teams)

The SYSL fields a minimum of eight teams in each age group, which play against each other on a revolving schedule on Saturdays. Each team plays one game per week. Practice schedules are determined by the coaches, but are typically held one afternoon or early evening per week at the Triangle field in Somerville.

Inter-City Travel League: Boys and Girls 10 Years and Older

The SYSL will field travel teams in the Middlesex Youth Soccer League for the Fall and Spring seasons. MYSL games are typically held on Saturday mornings and/or afternoons either in Somerville or at the opposing team’s field, which can geographically range widely (e.g. from Medford to Westford, and from Waltham to Lowell). Practice sessions are scheduled by the team coach and are typically held two afternoons or early evenings per week.

Length of Intra-City (Under 6 and Under 8-Year-Old) Season

The Spring season is ten weeks long, usually beginning in early April, if field conditions allow. The Fall season is eight weeks long, usually beginning in early September. Games will be played each weekend except for Memorial Day weekend.

Length of Inter-City (U10 and older) Travel Season

The Spring season is ten weeks long with the first games played in early April, if the fields are in adequate condition. Games will be played every weekend. The Fall season begins the weekend after Labor Day and is an nine-week season.

Fee structure, financial aid, refund policies

Please refer to registration pages


Traveling team players should arrive a half hour before game time for warm-up. For away games, some teams will meet at a predetermined place and time to travel as a “caravan.” Your child’s coach will provide directions to the away games during practice prior to each game.

It is the responsibility of each family to provide transportation for their child to practices and games, both home and away. We suggest you get to know the parents of children on your child’s team and make car pooling arrangements. Also, ask your child’s coach for suggestions if transportation is a problem for you.


Practice times are determined by the team coach, and are usually held twice a week. If your child has a major commitment (such as Little League, First Communion, etc.) that may conflict with a practice time, please inform your child’s coach. He or she will try to choose times that benefit the majority of the team members.

Make Child Safety a Priority: Sometimes a practice or game may end sooner than anticipated due to inclement weather and you need to plan ahead for this possibility. If you plan to drop your child off at a field for practice or game, be sure to ask a specific person – someone you know well – to watch him or her. Do not leave your child and assume the coach or other parent will know they are supposed to be watching your child. Also, do not leave the field with someone else’s child if you have not been asked to do so. If a child appears to be stranded stay with him or her and send someone else to phone the parents. If you cannot stay with the stranded child, find someone else from SYSL who you know can watch the child until the parent arrives.


Players are encouraged to attend as many practices and games as possible and are responsible for calling their coach in advance if they are unable to attend. Regular attendance is important for children to develop a strong sense of commitment and team spirit, to learn that other people are counting on them, and to enhance their ability to play well and play safely. We ask parents to encourage their children to fulfill their commitment to their team, which we believe will give each child a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Feeling counted on by their teammates and coaches can be a terrific esteem-building opportunity for a child – one that can last a lifetime.

Weather Conditions

Players and parents will be informed by their child’s coach of any cancellations of practices and games due to inclement weather. Each coach will have his or her own “rain rules” for practices, although generally anything more than a light rain will justify cancellation. Games are less likely to be canceled. Unless you are notified by your child’s coach, assume the game is on!


Shin guards are mandatory at all practices and games and must be worn under stockings. Mouth guards are strongly encouraged for all children, but are optional. The traveling team referees can and will remove your child from a game for not wearing the proper equipment and uniform. We have seen referees request children to put their socks on top of shin guards and even warned they could be removed from the game for wearing pants under the soccer shorts that are not a matching color! No jewelry, hats, hair barrettes or any item that the referee determines is dangerous, such as a hard cast, are permitted.

Tip: Label your child’s equipment and uniform.


Families are encouraged to participate in all aspects of Somerville Youth Soccer and we welcome your feedback, comments and support. You can make a big difference with just a little bit of your time and your kid(s) will love having you participate in their soccer program!

You Get As Much as You Put In.

“I don’t know anything about soccer.” Most families feel this way. One great way to learn is by coaching an Under-6 or Under-8 team. No experience is necessary! SYSL will even help get you started. We have training manuals with coaching tips to loan you or come to one of our free coaching clinics. You can also serve as your team’s reporter and write a paragraph for the local newspaper. We have guidelines to make it simple and straight-forward. How about refereeing? We’ll show you how. There are also clinics for Travel Team referees if you wish to be paid (see here for details). How about setting up nets, lining fields, or representing the SYSL at community events, such as the Home First Charity Fair? There are lots of ways you can participate to make soccer a more enjoyable experience for you and your child(ren).

Volunteer To Be A Coach or Referee! These are two areas where we always need help, especially since we continue to grow each year. Please contact a Board member today to see how you can keep the League healthy and strong.

See the volunteer page for volunteer positions.