Becoming a referee?

Somerville Youth Soccer League (SYSL) uses USSF certified referees for its programs from U10 to U19.  To become a certified referee, go to and select “Become a Referee”.  You will find a description of the USSF grade system, the age requirements (minimum 12 years old), and information about certification classes.  Once you complete the certification class and pass the exam on the “Laws of the Game”, you will receive a badge indicating the calendar year for which you are certified.  The state referee committee keeps a current list of certified referees and it is from this data base that all Somerville (MYSL) referees are chosen.  Be sure to use an active, frequently monitored email account when registering with massref as that will be the means for our Referee Assignors to contact you for work.


In order to maintain your credential as a USSF referee, annual recertification is required.  You can recertify starting in July through February.  Sign up early at for the class you prefer, as most local sessions do fill up.  If you get your initial certification or bridge certification in the summer months, you will not need to recertify until the following year (15 to 18 months later).  When in doubt, check the year printed on your badge.  If it has the next calendar year on it you do not need to recertify until the end of next year.

SYSL will reimburse the registration fee for all SYSL registered players. Please send an email to: for more information.