Toddler Program

Toddler Program

SYSL (Somerville Youth Soccer League) is continuing a toddler program, to accommodate the burning needs of our very young ones for football (a.k.a. soccer).

Below find a short FAQ with answers to many questions.

How do I register for the Toddler Program?

Follow this link.

When do we play and how long is each practice?

We expect to offer practices on Saturday mornings OR Wednesday afternoons, players play only one day per week. Once we have finalized the practice times, parents will be given an opportunity to select their preference for practice times and the day. Each practice is scheduled to last roughly 45 minutes of active play, plus time for snacks.

Where do we practices?

We play at either the Tufts Triangle (Wednesdays) Hodgkins (Saturdays) or East Somerville Community School (Saturdays) fields. Triangle, Hodgkins or ESCS fields.

What is the age cutoff for players?

Players who participate in the Spring 2018 toddler program much be born between 9/1/13-3/31/16

When can I expect more details on practice timing and team assignments?

Registration closes in early November or as soon as the player cap it hit. In mid-February the organizers will send out a survey to registered players related to timing and team preferences. Practice times and team assignments will be sent out in mid-March. We will also have a meeting for all interest members and coaches in late March.

Who coordinates the toddler program?

The main coordinator of the SYSL toddler program is Eliza Johnston. Toddler program organizers can be contacted at: However, all SYSL board members have an active role into the toddler program. To find out who are the board members please look here.

What to expect out of the toddler “practices”?

Think of the toddler program more like playdates rather than practices. Each session will have some organized activity involving ball handling and kicking, free play, snack time and some soccer instruction; but it is mainly a chance to familiarize the players with soccer basics and have fun!

Do I need to purchase uniform and gear?

Toddler players do not need uniforms but some players are excited to have them – and the players will not outgrow them. Cleats should not be worn and shin-guards and other gear is not needed.

When does the Spring 2018 season start?

The Spring 2018 season runs from mid-April through mid-June.

How long does the session last?

There are 10 planned sessions for the spring and 9 planned sessions for the fall; however sessions may be interrupted or cancelled by severe weather.

How many teams will participate in the Spring 2018 season?

Given the interest from the last few seasons, we anticipate having 12-16 teams.

How many players are on each team?

Each team will comprise of 14-16 players.

Who leads the practices?

Parents are expected to participate at all sessions. However there will be at least one adult/coach and generally at least one assistance coach, both of which are typically parents.

Can players be dropped off?

No. Parents must participate with their children during practices.

Is the toddler program affiliated with the Somerville Youth Soccer League?

The toddler program is organized by the Somerville Youth Soccer League (SYSL), the organization that oversees all the soccer leagues in Somerville. SYSL has 1,000 participating players spanning ages 2.5-18. See here for more information about SYSL.

Are the adults CORIed?

Yes. Every adult involved that interacts with kids and is older than 16 is required to go through the CORI process. No exceptions. See here for details on the CORI process.

What is the adult to child ratio?

Since parents participate in the practices, there are generally more adults than players.

How much does it cost?

The cost per player is $57 per season.

Are non-Somerville residents allowed to sign up?


Do you have insurance?

Yes. All kids will be insured through the main SYSL insurance. Please send an email to if you need more information.

This looks wonderful, how do I register?

Follow this link.

I’d like to be involved, how can I help?

SYSL is a volunteer organization and you can help in many ways. If you have some soccer experience, you can sign up as a ‘coach/supervisor’ to lead practice activities or as ‘assistant coach’ to support. We are also looking for a volunteer to be in charge of equipment (balls, goals etc) and people to support program administration, such as updating/writing/editing the web page, communicating with parents and organizing the time schedule. To volunteer, please contact:

I have questions, who can I contact?

Contact the toddler program coordinators

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