Refund Policies

Any refund will have a fifteen dollar ($15.00) administrative fee deducted from the original amount being requested to be refunded. This fee is to help offset costs that may have already been incurred by SYSL (insurance, roster fees, processing fees, registration fees with the League, etc.). Registration fees will be refunded if the registrar or president receives a written request (email is considered a written request) to withdraw a player from the program before the first game of the season due to the player either becoming injured and therefore unable to play during the season; moving from Somerville and deciding not to continue to play in Somerville; or regardless of (1) or (2) above, the applicable age director granting the refund request.

The refund will be issued by check made out to the parent or guardian of the player. Late fees are not refundable. Uniform fees are not refundable if the player has already been provided with a uniform.

Any exceptions to the above refund policy shall be approved by SYSL board.