Season Information and Registration Deadlines

2017 FALL registration is now open.

Early registration strongly encouraged. 

Important dates for FALL 2017 Season:

Registration Opens: InTown—MAY 15th Travel—MAY 15th
Late Fee Applies: InTown—JULY 24th Travel—JULY 18th
Registration Closes: InTown—AUG 01st Travel—AUG 01st
Wait Lists Open: InTown—JULY 24th Travel—JULY 18th
Coaches meeting: Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave, Somerville
In-Town Coaches Meeting (TBD) Travel Coaches Meeting (TBD)
Season Starts: InTown—SEPT 10th Travel—SEPT 10th
Season Ends: InTown—NOV 19th Travel—NOV 19th

All registrations will be done online at:

We will still accept paper registrations for special cases. To receive the forms please ask your coach, age coordinator or any board member (all board members can be found here).

Coaches receive discount through the online registration system (see below).


  • Wait list will  open on JULY 18th for Travel and JULY 24th for InTownand will stay open until registration closes. Read below for details on how we will administer the waiting lists. Late registration fees of $25 apply.
  • Deadline for Spring registrations for all ages is August 01st .


Toddler (UT): $40
In-town programs (U5, U6, U7, U8): $65
Travel programs: U10, U12:  $90,  U14: $100

Uniforms: $38.


  • Every sibling receives a $20 discount.
  • Coaches and assistant coaches can now receive a discount of $20 for the toddler program,  $30 for the in-town programme and $50 for the travel programme. Each coach receives one discount independently of the number of players she/he registers. Coaches of multiple teams receive multiple discounts.
  • Sibling discount still applies. Please register using the coach’s name. The system will not find the discount if you are registering using someone’s else name (spouse of significant other).
  • Volunteers and board members that are not coaches are eligible for a $30 discount.


Any refund will have a fifteen dollar ($15.00) administrative fee deducted from the original amount being requested to be refunded. This fee is to help offset costs that may have already been incurred by SYSL (insurance, roster fees, processing fees, registration fees with the League, etc.). Registration fees will be refunded if the registrar or president receives a written request (email is considered a written request) to withdraw a player from the program before the first game of the season due to the player either

  1. becoming injured and therefore unable to play during the season;
  2. moving from Somerville and deciding not to continue to play in Somerville; or
  3. regardless of (1) or (2) above, the applicable age director granting the refund request.

The refund will be issued by check made out to the parent or guardian of the player. Late fees are not refundable. Uniform fees are not refundable if the player has already been provided with a uniform.

Any exceptions to the above refund policy shall be approved by SYSL board.

Financial aid

Financial aid is available and you must apply by mail.

Check the financial aid page for details.

Toddler soccer playdate

Toddler soccer playdate for under 4 year olds and older that 3 years older. This one hour soccer playdate with fun activities once a week. Cost is $40. You can register on line at:

For details please contact the toddler coordinators at

See here for more information.

    • Choice of a coach or a team: We are asking parents to let us know if there are any special requests. Team formation is a complicated process involving many parameters such as players skills, families’ requests, friendships, compatibility with the coach, carpooling, etc. In addition, in-town teams are formed with the idea of all teams to be of equal strengths where travel teams are formed with the idea that equal strength players are placed together. Finally, there are requirements on the minimum and maximum number of players in each team and also requirements from MYSL for the travel teams that we need to consider. Putting all these together is a daunting job.
      We will try to honor your request but sometimes this is simply not possible.

Age Cutoffs

The age cutoffs for the spring season can be found  here. Note that if your child is born in August and you would like her/him to play with hers/his classmates please complete the online registration and email the with the request.

Send questions to: Jay S. Rudolph