Financial Aid

Financial aid is available and you must apply by mail (or online soon).  Financial aid forms are available here and must be sent before July 19th, to:

SYSL Registrar
P.O.Box 26
Somerville, MA 02143

New financial aid (Note. No full financial aid is available):

  1. UT-U8: $15 first child, $5 all others.
  2.  U9-U19: $25 first child, $15 all others.
  3. Uniforms normally $38 are subsidized by 50% making your cost $19 per uniform.
  4. Available only to Somerville residents except if equivalent recreational league is NOT available at applicant’s town
  5. Maximum cost for a family shall not exceed $120.
  6. Coaches discounts still applies.

Any exceptions to the above policy shall be approved by SYSL board.

The financial aid form is all you need to send. No need to send separately a registration form.

Tips for a successful financial aid application

1) Fill the forms correctly and completely.
2) Use the correct forms (click here). Old forms will not be accepted.
3) Send the application and  check to address above before the deadline