SYSL Volunteer Opportunities

SYSL is an organization completely run by community members on a volunteer basis.  Without volunteers like you, this program cannot exist.  We are looking for volunteers to help in running the wonderful organization that our families, friends and neighbors participate in.  

If soccer is a major part of your live then you should consider volunteering. Admittedly some of the volunteer positions require significant commitment and we recognize that this is a major concern of a lot of people that want to help but cannot commit the time.

In an effort to attract more volunteers we have created tasks that require commitment for only one season or one year and they are less demanding timewise.

Every volunteer is eligible for registration discount of $30.

Let us know  if this is something you would be interested (president@somervillesoccer.us).

CORI, (Criminal Offender Record Information)Coordinator.

The State of Massachusetts requires that all SYSL volunteers (coaches, board members) must have CORI checks run in order to participate, even if they recently had one done with another organization.
CORI Coordinator (board position)

Help ensure the safety of our children by ensuring all volunteers, coaches, and board members pass the state-mandated CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check. The CORI Coordinator does not review detailed background checks as those are handled by our state parent organization, MYSL.

Responsibilities include:
1) Identify new coaches/volunteers with the help of age coordinator and registrar.
2) Communicate with the new coaches/volunteers about the process and maintain procedures on this website.
3) Check and maintain copies of photo IDs.
4) Monitor CORI status updates.
5) Report to the board on compliance.

Total hours: 10 per season.

Your work will help the safety of our kids.

Pass-card volunteer: [FILLED]

For the spring season, MYSL requires every travel coach and every player U12 and older to have passcards. We need someone to:

a) Make sure that every player has a photo entered in the sportsmanager. This will require emailing the coaches that are responsible for entering the photos and supervising the whole process. You may have to sometimes go to games or practices and take photos and enter them yourselves.
b) Make sure those photos have the right dimensions and are legible
c) Print the passcards [there is a software that generates the templates for these passcards]
d) Deliver the cards to the coaches before the beginning of the season

We have about 200 players in U12 and older and about 50 coaches.
This is about 20 hours and will happen the weeks before the beginning of the season.

This is a  great opportunity to meet some of the coaches and some of the players.

U toddler volunteers:

For U14 or older. If you enjoy being with little ones, we have the perfect job for you. The Utoddler group is seeking young adults to be the coaches/supervisors for the utoddler group. This is a paid volunteer and requires an application and a commitment to participate in at least 5 utoddler ‘practices’.  If you need to participate in community work, this is also a great opportunity. Our youngsters are fun and they love soccer. Your job is to entertain them and show them some cool soccer moves. For more information on the utoddler group see this

We will have 1 session per week for 10 weeks. Each session will be for 1 hour.

Tournament coordinator (FILLED):

Every season in addition to the regular games, various tournaments are organized around Boston. These tournaments usually happen during vacation weekends or after the end of the season.

Typically these tournaments cost about $400 per team and teams take the financial responsibility.

The board has allocated funds for these type of activities especially help players with financial need.

On average every season we have about 2-3 teams participating.

We need a dynamic volunteer who will coordinate this effort.
1) Identify the tournaments and post them on our web page
2) Communicate with the interested coaches
3) Allocate funds according to the needs
4)  Collect reports from coaches and update the web page.
5) Report back to the board with activities and results.
6) Coordinate the patch purchase*

Total hours: 25/season

*Some of these tournaments are patch swapping tournaments. Every team brings patches from their own league that are swapped at the end of each game (each player gets a patch that can keep). Buying in bulk helps reducing  the cost. SYSL purchases these patches and then sell them to teams or donate them depending on availability of funds.